Disabled Refuge Systems

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Having an EVC (emergency voice communication) system in place, known as a Disabled Refuge System allows firefighters and staff to communicate with one another, and vulnerable persons awaiting evacuation in a Refuge Area, during emergency situations.

UKFSS use the SigTEL system, which is designed for disabled refuge systems. Their ‘Type B’ outstations offer true hands-free duplex speech and allow anyone in a refuge area to communicate with building control at the touch of a button. Features include additional connections for an optional induction loop system and a general-purpose relay output that closes on activation of the unit.

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UKFSS also deploy the C-Tec Free to Roam portable handsets and fire telephone jack plates are increasingly in demand overseas where ‘Type A’-style portable handsets and jack plate combinations are accepted by prevailing standards. Jack plates are typically located in stairwells and risers allowing marshals, security guards and sports stewards to plug their handsets into them in an emergency.

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“The system was aware that they were on site as soon as they arrived, and when they attempted to force entry, they were already under surveillance at our monitoring HQ, where staff promptly called the police.”

  • Rise in Burglary 32% 32%
  • Businesses Using Intruder Alarms 79% 79%
  • Businesses Prioritised “Protection of Stock” 84% 84%
  • Businesses not using Tailored Intruder Systems 21% 21%