Access Control System

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems ensure your buildings are secure and that only the right people can gain access at the right time.

Systems range from single door access control and standalone web-hosted systems, to designs which are integrated with other equipment and capable of managing thousands of doors over multiple sites.

Reduce your risk of opportunist theft as a result of lost, stolen or copied keys, or doors left unlocked. Contact us today to arrange a free quotation.

Access Control System

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You issue a code, card, fob or smartphone credential to every member of staff.

  • Each can be uniquely programmed to provide access only to where you allow them to go.
  • Access can be limited to selected times and days.
  • Reports can be created showing times when users enter.
  • If lost, you simply block that card, fob or code and issue another.
  • Any door left open or forced open can alert staff or monitoring systems.

What We Do.

“The system was aware that they were on site as soon as they arrived, and when they attempted to force entry, they were already under surveillance at our monitoring HQ, where staff promptly called the police.”

  • Primary Fires Attended by Fire and Rescue Services in the UK 2018 44% 44%
  • Businesses haven’t factored headcount growth into evacuation plans 73% 73%
  • Fire as Cause of Liability Claims (of total Claims made across UK businesses) 10% 10%
  • Number of fire safety audits rated satisfactory (2018) 68% 68%