Advanced MxPro 5 Fire Alarms

Fire Detection

The multiprotocol market is driven by freedom. Specifiers want to choose the best performing panel and match it with the most appropriate detector range.
End users want freedom from expensive maintenance contracts and installers want to work with easy to use systems, free of restrictive agreements.

MxPro is the market-leading solution and delivers performance, choice and real freedom. MxPro includes two panel ranges, the advanced MxPro 5 and the benchmark MxPro 4. Both come in 1-8 loop formats. MxPro 5 is compatible with Apollo, Argus, Hochiki and Nittan protocols, whilst MxPro 4 is compatible with Apollo and Hochiki protocols. MxPro is simply the best multiprotocol solution available.

Smoke Detectors

Real Fire Evacuations

Peace of Mind

Customer Satisfaction

Fire Alarm System by Advanced Co MXPro
MxPro is the result of decades of fire alarm and detection experience and research and development involving installers, specifiers, consultants and end users across the world. MxPro 5 has been designed to offer industry
leading power and performance. It packs more configuration, display, status and control options into its interface as standard than any other Advanced fire panel to date.
MxPro 5 utilises the latest technology making it significantly more powerful than the MxPro 4. Its processing power means it delivers more features than other panels, an advantage it will maintain for years to come.

What We Do.

“The system was aware that they were on site as soon as they arrived, and when they attempted to force entry, they were already under surveillance at our monitoring HQ, where staff promptly called the police.”

  • Primary Fires Attended by Fire and Rescue Services in the UK 2018 44% 44%
  • Businesses haven’t factored headcount growth into evacuation plans 73% 73%
  • Fire as Cause of Liability Claims (of total Claims made across UK businesses) 10% 10%
  • Number of fire safety audits rated satisfactory (2018) 68% 68%