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Intercall are market leaders in manufacturing technological solutions for the healthcare industry, providing security, comfort and assistance to residents, patients and nursing staff.

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Touch Series Nurse Call Features

The Intercall Touch Series is a modern nurse call system offering easy communication and management of patient care.

DESIGN:- The Touch Series has been designed using engaging soft forms, balancing technology with human engagement.

LOCATE STAFF:- The system uses the Care Card to identify and log staff attendance, helping keep staff and patients secure.

CONNECTIVITY:- With industry-standard connectivity TCP/IP, and using the latest RFID technology, communication and user experience are at the heart of the Touch Series.

DATA LOGGING:- Record system events, retrieve and create reports. Our data log system provides accurate performance data, supporting care managers in making informed decisions.

What We Do.

“The system was aware that they were on site as soon as they arrived, and when they attempted to force entry, they were already under surveillance at our monitoring HQ, where staff promptly called the police.”

  • Rise in Burglary 32% 32%
  • Businesses Using Intruder Alarms 79% 79%
  • Businesses Prioritised “Protection of Stock” 84% 84%
  • Businesses not using Tailored Intruder Systems 21% 21%